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Dear readers,

I’m Lovina’s youngest daughter (also Lovina). I feel very privileged to share the same name as my mom. I’m proud of how far she has come in life and hope to maybe write a newspaper column someday like she does.

It’s a lot different being the only girl living at home right now. I like to label myself as “Manager of the House” because I do my duty of keeping the boys in line. I even check their rooms to make sure they’re clean.

The other night I was cleaning brother Ben’s room and saw that he had water bottles stuck in between the window and the screen. I couldn’t understand what they were doing there, but he later explained that he gets thirsty through the night and sticking the water bottles outside the window keeps them cold in the wintertime.

When I get thirsty at night, I just walk to the fridge and grab my water bottle, but he decided to “work smarter not harder.” At the end of the day, I got a good laugh and he got a clean room. On the bright side, I have other personality traits other than being a “bossy” sister.

I do miss having sisters here at home, but I’m just thankful that all four of my sisters are alive and healthy. I also learned that if I ask really, really, nicely brothers do help with dishes.

I look forward to decorating Christmas cookies, and I definitely look forward to eating them! Christmas is my favorite holiday and not because we all get gifts, but because of what it stands for.

Mom won’t be home in time to make supper, so she left me with doing the honors. I considered asking her if peanut butter and jelly sandwiches will work but figured my three brothers and dad would protest against that. So instead, I decided to make Barry Salt Casserole. It is one of my favorites and also very easy!

There is a story behind the name of this casserole: Barry Salt was a man that sold stainless steel cookware sets to the Amish families back when my mom was a young girl. Mom’s sister Leah and a cousin of Mom’s would go along when Barry would make supper for the families to show how to use the waterless (no cooking liquid required) cookware. He would make this casserole in a skillet, and it became a favorite of my mom’s family—which was then nicknamed “Barry Salt Casserole.” Leah and her cousin would help wash the dishes …….

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