It was revealed by Marvel Comics on Thursday that All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star and former AEW Women’s Champion Nyla Rose was joining the writing staff of Marvel Comics as co-writer for the upcoming Giant Size X-Men: Thunderbird #1, which will focus on one of the members of the X-Men’s second team – the one who debuted in Giant Size X-Men #1 in 1975 and featured a new X-Men team that featured names like Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, and Colossus. Another member of that team was Native American John Proudstar – aka Thunderbird – who possessed superhuman strength and endurance,…….

Creative groups in East Sutherland have collaborated to produce a new booklet showcasing artwork and writing from members.

Entitled Creative in Lockdown, the book is the outcome of a partnership between members of Art ‘n Blether, and online creative writing groups, run by Helmsdale based Connecting Communities.

The front cover of the new book which contains contributions from members of Connecting Communities’ art and writing groups.

It contains work from 36 contributors, much of which was done during lockdowns imposed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Sarah Kerr o…….

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Even as COVID-19 hammers the arts, beautiful stories emerge. One is Matthew MacKenzie , the Métis playwright behind one of my favourite plays.

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While Bears has been around since 2015, I first saw it in October at the Citadel. The Indigenous story stars Sheldon Elter as an oil worker…….

Fanicia Howard (Photo courtesy of Slingshots Photography)

Since childhood, Fanicia Howard has embraced her passion for art and creative writing.  In 2010, the Chicago native moved to Atlanta to pursue her bachelor’s degree in English at Clark Atlanta University. While in school, Howard interned with a digital magazine where she developed a fervor for creative writing.

Upon completing the internship, Howard began crafting a chapbook of roughly five years’ worth of poetry titled, Letters to an Anonymous Heart. The foll…….

The impact of the pandemic on PhD students in the “writing-up” stage of their PhD journey merits serious discussion.

We are nearing two years since the nationwide lockdown announced in March 2020, and at the surface level, it looks like the experiences of the times are beginning to enter oblivion. However, the break and disconnection from a certain way of living continue to affect our everyday life in multiple ways. In social science research, the pandemic has raised myriad methodological concerns, particularly on the methods of data collection and the impossibility of convention…….

After leaving a full-time job, pursuing my dream job of becoming a writer changed my relationship with money.
I prioritized my own needs first, investing in my career, instead of rushing to pay debt at all costs.
I tracked my time diligently. With clarity on my hourly rate, I ended up working less and saving more.
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In the past, I worked in a toxic workplace in the fashion industry that drained all of my energy and ambition. …….

listen little sisterangels make their hope herein these hillsfollow meI will guide you

(From Appalachian Elegy: Poetry and Place, by bell hooks)

For all the things that bell hooks was—one of the foremost Black intellectuals in the world, renowned feminist, author of more than 40 books, revolutionary cultural critic—and all the places she lived, she was still Gloria Jean Watkins from Hopkinsville, daughter of Rosa Bell and Veotis. There is no doubt that her entire body of work was shaped by her homeplace and that when she found her voice,…….

When Matthew Specktor decided to start writing in earnest as a college sophomore, Joan Didion was on his mind.

Specktor, who grew up a few blocks from Didion’s Santa Monica home in the early 1980s, wanted to write about Los Angeles too, and he understood that Didion not only offered historical context — she was historical context.

“She set me back 10 years, because I had to write about this place in ways that she hadn’t,” he said.

“It’s a bit like what some writers have with William Faulkner, where when a writer comes along and describes a place so forcefully…….


Autumn Leaves by Patrick Mehaffy, Santa Fe

Billy had stopped at the spring near the low bluff hundreds of times to let Red drink. This time, as Red put his muzzle into the clear pool, Billy noticed the rock wall built into the bluff. Over the years he had found half a dozen ancient cliff dwellings riding in the canyons of the Bar D, each just a small room or two built of stone and adobe high in the rimrock. But the rocks in this wall had been laid without adobe and it was at the base of the bluff.

A week later, Billy came ba…….

In the exhibition Writing the History of the Future: Signature Works of the Singular ZKM Media Art Collection at the Gwangju Museum of Art in Gwangju, Korea, the ZKM presents key works from its media art collection, which is one of the largest of its kind in the world. The presentation of the works is based on a new media-historical model: instead of a genealogy and history of styles, the development of art since the 1960s is told with a new model as migration of media on the basis of the changes in technical media and the associated aesthetic and social changes.

Media art, u…….